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    Over 1,000 animals rescued since our 2007 beginning

    Our pet food pantry has fed hundreds of local needy pets.

    Low-income spay/neuter subsidies to hundreds of Walton County families.

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Pawprints on our hearts

Pets love us, inevitably leave us, but their memories stay in our hearts forever.

Herbie was a spunky miniature Dachshund who brightened up the lives of the Dean family for 17 years. He entered their world as a tiny 3 lb. 6 week old puppy whirlwind, bouncing off walls and causing their older dogs to flee for much-needed peace and quiet. But his personality soon ruled the roost. He loved going for car rides, chasing grasshoppers in the field, and sleeping in the king size bed. Herbie never met a Cheeto he didn’t love and claimed a permanent spot on the recliner where he enjoyed watching television with his dad. He was quirky, loyal and loving and a cherished part of their family.

WAG is grateful to Herbie’s family for their donation to WAG in his memory.