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Pawprints on our Hearts – Remembering Elvis

Elvis, a beloved Beagle, brought joy and happiness to the Swartzmeyer family for 16 years.  Adopted from Walton County Animal Control in 2003, the spunky beagle captured their attention in the crowded shelter by promptly climbing the wire cage fence, demonstrating to his fellow canine cagemates just how to dazzle a potential adopter. It was Kismet and Elvis joined five other dogs and six cats at the Swartzmeyer home.  He had a long and happy life, outliving all the dogs and half the cats. As he got older, mobility issues kept Elvis from jumping up on the sofa or his favorite chair, but he always happily greeted the first person up in the morning and would plop his head in the lap of anyone seated on the…

Pawprints on our hearts

Pets love us, inevitably leave us, but their memories stay in our hearts forever. Herbie was a spunky miniature Dachshund who brightened up the lives of the Dean family for 17 years. He entered their world as a tiny 3 lb. 6 week old puppy whirlwind, bouncing off walls and causing their older dogs to flee for much-needed peace and quiet. But his personality soon ruled the roost. He loved going for car rides, chasing grasshoppers in the field, and sleeping in the king size bed. Herbie never met a Cheeto he didn’t love and claimed a permanent spot on the recliner where he enjoyed watching television with his dad. He was quirky, loyal and loving and a cherished part of their family. WAG is…

Remembering Blake White

We were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Blake White, a resident of Loganville. This photo seems to show the best of Blake – a kind man with a true passion for animals. His unexpected death in early December left many heartbroken family and friends grieving. The family kindly designated memorial donations to charitable organizations, including Walton Animal Guild. We’re grateful for this thoughtful gesture and honored to help memorialize Blake’s commitment and passion for animals.   Our thoughts and prayers are with Blake White’s family and friends during this sad time.

Remembering Richard Forte

Our condolences to the family of Richard Forte for the loss of this kind pet lover. Richard passed away on February 8, 2018, leaving his beloved wife Suzanne, daughter Shelly Thiemann, grandchildren and many other loved family and friends. Animals were always a part of Richard’s heart and woven into his life. He and his wife have been longtime generous supporters of Walton Animal Guild. The family has kindly designated Walton Animal Guild as the recipient of memorial donations on behalf of Richard. We’re grateful for their gesture and honored to have the opportunity to help memorialize his passion and commitment to animals.  

Remembering Katherine Pete

Heartfelt condolences go out to our friends at Alliance Fire Protection Services and owners Rick and Ronda Parks at the sudden passing of their daughter, Katherine Pete. This kind, generous person and devoted animal lover volunteered for WAG over the years and was a dedicated behind-the-scenes supporter since our beginning. Katherine leaves behind a young son Noah and many grief-stricken family and friends. Our prayers are with them as they cope with the devastating loss of this beautiful young woman. She will be greatly missed.

Remembering Joyce Nunley

Our condolences to the family of Joyce Nunley for the loss of this wonderful animal-loving Southern lady. Joyce, who was preceded in death by her husband of 50 years, Ray Nunley, passed away on March 27, 2016 at her home in Loganville,  leaving behind many loving friends and family. Survivors include her daughters Sonya Dixon of Loganville, Gerri Lynn Nunley of Loganville and Angeline Nunley of Savannah, grandchildren Jon Lee Dixon and Rae Anne Dixon and her beloved dog Sadie. Our gratitude to her family for designating Walton Animal Guild as the recipient of memorial donations – we’re honored to help memorialize her passion and commitment to animals.    

In Memory

Our hearts go out to the family of Jeff Noll on the unexpected loss of this dedicated animal lover. We met this very kind man last summer when he drove all the way to Loganville from South Carolina to adopt a new puppy from us. Anyone who would drive five hours to Georgia to pick up a puppy, then immediately turn around and drive all the way back home with his new friend obviously has a huge heart and plenty of love for animals. Jeff had lost his previous dog, Buddy, to cancer and spoke movingly of how much he missed having a canine companion. We enjoyed meeting Jeff, were happy to put him together with his new pal Calvin and enjoyed getting occasional updates…

Scooter’s Second Chance Friends

The sudden unexpected death of a pet is a heartbreak for any animal lover. When Pierre and Judy Kimball lost their beloved dog, Scooter, they were understandably devastated. Scooter was a frightened dog rescued from Floyd County that the Kimball’s took into their home to foster. He blossomed and soon became what the rescue community calls a “foster failure”. They loved him too much to let him go anywhere else. Scooter enjoyed life as one of their much loved pets and burrowed his way into their hearts. Sadly, the day after Christmas 2014, Scooter escaped from the fence of a home the Kimball’s were visiting. Lost in an unfamiliar area, Scooter couldn’t find his way back and was later found dead after being struck by…

In Memory of Bill Townsend

WAG received a memorial donation in memory of William “Bill” Townsend from Patty Souther. Mr Townsend was an avid animal lover and his family requested donations be made to an animal-related organization in lieu of flowers. Our condolences to Mr. Townsend’s family for the loss of this kind person.    

Missing Brittany

WAG would like to thank Brenda Vostreys of Sirius Mobile Grooming for her memorial donation in memory of her client, Brittany Sanderson. Brittany passed away from an illness very quickly and despite her owner’s best efforts. Brit was a sweet dog and will be missed by all who knew her. Our condolences to Angie Sanderson for the loss of her beloved pet.

Remembering Baby Slusher

Our sincere condolences to Lucy Slusher on the loss of her sweet dog, Baby. Brenda Vostreys at Sirius Mobile Grooming has made a donation to WAG in Baby’s memory. Brenda says of Baby, one of her favorite clients: “Baby was adopted, loved and adored by Lucy. She was adopted as an older dog, but Lucy loved and care for her as if she’d had her since 8 weeks of age. Baby will certainly be missed!” We’re honored to help another rescue dog in Baby’s memory.  

In memory of Dixie Ward

A memorial remembrance has been made to WAG on behalf of Dixie, beloved pet of Andy and Lucy Ward, from Brenda at Siruis Mobile Grooming. Here’s what Brenda had to say about one of her favorite clients: “Dixie was an awesome Aussie and made me laugh ever visit with her. She had great facial expressions and a super sense of humor. I know Andy and Lucy will miss her gentle presence in their home I know I will miss her!” Our condolences to the Ward family for their loss of Dixie.    

In Memory of Mouse

WAG sends our sincere condolences to Anita and Paul Dunio on the loss of their precious kitty, Mouse. A very personable cat, Mouse was memorialized by a donation made by Sanford and Cheryl McAllister. Mouse gave many years of love. We’re honored to help another pet in Mouse’s memory.

In Memory of Todo Sanders

Todo, the much-loved pet of Nina Sanders, was memorialized in a donation to WAG from Brenda at Sirius Mobile Grooming. Brenda knew Todo for 8 years and loved her unique personality. “I will miss her sweet self,” writes Brenda. “She wasn’t the easiest to groom, but she was honest!” Our condolences to Nina Sanders on the loss of her furry companion.