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What About Bob?

He may have been passed over by other rescues in the shelter, but Bob is special to us – and not only for his absolutely adorable underbite. He’s the 200th dog to come through WAG’s rescue/adoption program in 2015! Bob is very representative of what we believe is important in rescue. He’s not adorably furry, flashy or the type of dog to have scores of adopters/rescues fighting to get him out of the shelter. He comes in a plain brown wrapper, is quiet, low-key and not overly demonstrative. But he’s such an amazingly sweet, friendly dog who deserves a long, happy life in a loving family. And that’s why we picked him. He’s got a new name  to go with his fresh start – Popeye…

Saving Max

We try very hard to hold off on pleas for money. But when emergencies happen we need support to make it through those times. Baby Max needed emergency surgery today for an intusssusception. In simpleton terms, parts of his intestines folded into each other. Dr. Wise at Monroe Animal Care Hospital performed a 3 hour surgery today and had to remove a large piece of his intestine. At only 12 weeks old, his survival isn’t guaranteed but we’re determined to give him every possible chance. Any donation, large or small, $1 or more, is appreciated. We’ll keep you updated on Max’s progress. Please hope for the best for this baby – we want to see him 100% better and going home with a loving family…

Fawn’s Lucky Day

Monday February 2 was supposed to be Fawn’s last day alive. After spending more than a week in the shelter with no adopter inquiries and rescues passing her by, she was on the post-weekend euthanasia list. Only a year old and lots of life ahead of her. Destined to be just another animal dead in the shelter while people who won’t spay/neuter their pets offer a collective shrug – not our fault, they say. But Monday WAS her last day – in the shelter, that is. Fawn got lucky. A caring animal lover stepped forward and offered to foster her for WAG. Fosters offer more than their home to these animals. They offer the gift of time and a hopeful, happy future. Fosters change the world…


This little girl was dragged into the shelter by her owner. Reason for surrender? “She keeps having puppies.” His response to the suggestion of having her spayed – “I don’t have time to fool around with all that.” So she huddled in the corner of her shelter cage, terrified and not sure what she did wrong or why she’d been abandoned. We couldn’t leave her there, so she’s a WAG rescue dog now. But this isn’t really a sad story, because the upside for this adorable girl is the opportunity to find a family that truly loves and appreciates her sweet nature. A new start, a new name – Penny. First important step on the road to her new life is her upcoming spay. A…

Hello to Cooper

Here’s Cooper! His shelter name was Jake, but he’s been renamed. What a difference a couple of weeks can make – he’s an awesome boy, and no longer the frightened little shelter dog! He loves everybody, gets along with cats, dogs, and lots of other four-legged friends. Only about 18 lbs., he’s a real gentleman in the house, loves riding in the car and is an all-around lovebug. Cooper is the first of Scooters Second Chance Friends, and his rescue is in honor of Scooter Kimball. He’s been neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, tested negative for heartworms and is ready to start his new life. Cooper will bring no doubt bring joy to his new family. He’ll make his inaugural appearance tomorrow at the Conyers Petsmart from 11…

Jake – Ready for Love.

Jake recently had his last heartworm treatment at Paradox Spay Neuter Clinic. Our thanks to Paradox for offering heartworm treatment to dogs of rescue organizations like WAG, which helps us to save more lives. Now this gorgeous hunk of love is now ready for his new home!                

Charlie’s new world

Meet Charlie! This skinny boy spent several weeks living in a ditch next to Walnut Grove High School, huddled in the weeds during the recent rain and cold temperatures. He was very skittish and wouldn’t let anyone come near him. But fortunately a special animal lover decided to spend time and hot dogs to lure him into their car and save him from a bleak existence of running and hiding. Now Charlie is living a WAG dog life, hanging out with other foster dogs and learning to enjoy regular meals, dog snacks, afternoon walks and chasing the golf cart. Once we got past his fear, he is a sweet, loving boy. About 9 months old and only 49 lbs right now, he needs to gain…