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Puppy Prevention Program

Puppy Prevention

momandpuppiesThe primary cause of pet overpopulation is the failure to spay and neuter pets. Pet owners who spay their female dogs won’t have the problem of finding homes for litters of puppies.

But what happens when you already have a female dog that is pregnant or has a litter? Maybe WAG can help.

Our Puppy Prevention Program works with pet owners of mother dogs with litters by vaccinating the babies to keep them healthy, spay/neuter them when old enough, then adopt them into qualified homes. We then spay the mother dog to prevent further litters, all at no cost to the owner.

For more information, print out the Puppy Prevention Information Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just give the puppies away?

It’s always possible for owners to give away puppies to new homes. But fifty percent (50%) of “free puppies” never get spayed or neutered and many go on to have puppies of their own, contributing to the pet overpopulation problem. Walton County Animal Control takes in nearly 4,000 animals each year. Spay/Neuter is the most important thing we can do to prevent animals from dying in the shelter.

How old do the puppies have to be to enroll in the program?

Mom and puppies can be enrolled in the program right after birth. Because early vaccinations are important, puppies must be 10 weeks of age or younger to enter the program.

How long will I need to keep the puppies?

Puppies typically stay with the mother dog until 6 weeks of age. At that point they’ll enter our adoption program, go to a WAG foster home and get ready to start their new life!

Can I keep one of the puppies, or give one to a friend?

The program requires that ALL of the puppies be spayed/neutered prior to finding new homes. When they’re old enough WAG will schedule spay/neuter surgery for all the puppies at the same time. You or your friend can pick up their puppy after surgery and pay the surgery costs directly to the vet.

WAG covers costs for the Puppy Prevention program: puppy vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, and spay for the mother dog, through adoption fees we receive for the puppies. Therefore, we ask that no less than 75% of the litter be placed with us for adoption.

Can you just vaccinate some of the puppies?

To keep the whole litter healthy, it’s important that ALL the puppies receive vaccinations.

How do I know the puppies find good homes?

WAG, along with other rescues we work with, requires potential adopters to complete an application and pay an adoption fee. We evaluate each applicant to make sure the new pet will be a good fit in their household. Many of our adopters send us photos months or years after the adoption. We love happy endings!

To enroll your female dog and puppies in the program, click to open the form below.



Puppy Prevention Program Enrollment Form

WAG Puppy Prevention Program Enrollment form

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I understand that the puppies will be transferred to the Walton Animal Guild adoption program when age appropriate and WAG has the responsibility of placing them in homes.

I have read the Puppy Prevention Information Sheet and understand and agree with those provisions.