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    We're Making a Difference!

    Over 1,000 animals rescued since our 2007 beginning

    Our pet food pantry has fed hundreds of local needy pets.

    Low-income spay/neuter subsidies to hundreds of Walton County families.

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Pawprints on our hearts

Pets love us, inevitably leave us, but their memories stay in our hearts forever. Herbie was a spunky miniature Dachshund who brightened up the lives of the Dean family for 17 years. He entered their world as a tiny 3 lb. 6 week old puppy whirlwind, bouncing off walls and causing their older dogs to flee for much-needed peace and quiet. But his personality soon ruled the roost. He loved going for car rides, chasing grasshoppers in the field, and sleeping in the king size bed. Herbie never met a Cheeto he didn’t love and claimed a permanent spot on the recliner where he enjoyed watching television with his dad. He was quirky, loyal and loving and a cherished part of their family. WAG is…

Feeding Community Pets

Since 2009 WAG has sponsored a community pet food pantry, helping local pet owners who need assistance feeding their pets. Working in partnership with a local organization F.I.S.H. (Faith in Serving Humanity) Ministries in Monroe, pet owners can receive bagged food to help keep their pets healthy and happy. Donations to the food pantry are always welcome, and a pet food drive makes a great community service project! For more information, email wagwalton@yahoo.com.

Feeding community pets

When families struggle to afford food to eat, their pets also feel the pain of hunger. So every two weeks WAG volunteers pick up donated food for delivery to the food pantry at FISH Ministries in Monroe, allowing pet owners to keep their four-legged family members well-fed. Our thanks to Centerville Walmart for their regular donations and the other donors who offer periodic assistance with this worthy cause.

Spay/Neuter for Monroe pet owners

Good news for pet owners in the city of Monroe, GA. Thanks to a grant awarded to Walton Animal Guild from the GA Department of Agriculture, qualified low-income pet owners can have their dogs/cats spayed for little or no cost to them! The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Dog and Cat Sterilization program helps local organizations like WAG assist pet owners with the high expense of sterilization surgeries, addressing the problem of pet overpopulation in our communities. Pet owners wishing to take advantage of this opportunity can email wagwalton@yahoo.com for more information.

Puppy Overload?

Spring is breeding season and puppies are soon to follow. Unfortunately, most will be from unplanned litters – the primary cause of pet overpopulation. Fix your critters – end the litters! But what happens when you already have a female dog that is pregnant or has an unplanned litter of puppies? Maybe WAG can help. WAG’s Puppy Prevention Program works with pet owners of mother dogs with litters by vaccinating the babies to keep them healthy, spay/neuter them when old enough, then adopt them into qualified homes. We then spay the mother dog to prevent further litters, all at no cost to the owner. It’s all part of our goal to end pet overpopulation in our area. Started in 2014, the Puppy Prevention Program has…

The 12 Spays of Christmas

To encourage shelter adoptions during the month of December, WAG offered vouchers for a free spay/neuter at Paradox Clinic to adopters of 12 shelter animals. We’re glad to report that 12 lucky pets went to new homes using those vouchers, helping the Walton Co. shelter to have one of their best December adoption months! Great news – more loving animals are Home for the Holidays!

Pet Food Pantry Thanks

In 2009 WAG established a partnership with Faith In Serving Humanities (FISH), a Monroe-based outreach ministry providing food and other needed services to our community, and the WAG Pet Food Pantry was born. WAG provides pet food and FISH provides storage and manpower to distribute the pet food to the public. In the early years we purchased most of the food, but eventually the community came on board to help through pet food drives and donations. Centerville Walmart is a regular donor (every two weeks). Petsmart, Tractor Supply, West Walton Feed and other local businesses also make periodic donations. Schools groups team up to challenge each other in collecting food items. Individual animal lovers drop off bags and boxes or conduct their own pet food…

Monroe Community Cats Project

Here’s a surprising fact – an estimated 16,000 feral cats live in Walton County. They roam in wooded lots, behind shopping centers, restaurants and abandoned houses. You may not see them during the day because they’re adept at avoiding humans, but they can seen at night cruising their territory. Feral cats offer great rodent protection – even Disneyland has recognized their value and has their own authorized pack of feral cats to keep the mouse population in check! These cats belong to no one, but they pose a unique challenge for everyone. The females can breed several times each year and produce six kittens or more in each litter, causing the population to skyrocket. Ignoring the problem isn’t an option. Walton Animal Guild has joined…

Making a Difference

It’s wonderful when young animal lovers step up to make a difference for pets in their community. These two young ladies, MeriKate and Carmen, recently took it upon themselves to schedule a food drive for local pets. They contacted Tractor Supply in Monroe for permission to set up at the store, made signs advertising their goals, and then worked the store crowd on a Saturday afternoon. Their amazing results: over 400 lbs of dog food donated, nearly 300 lbs of cat food, along with miscellaneous boxes of snacks and treatments. They also received nearly $100 in cash donations! We’re very grateful for the hard work and initiative shown by these amazing girls, and appreciate their parents support of MeriKate and Carmen in their efforts. We…

Donate to WAG’S Pet Food Pantry

You can help low-income families and their pets stay together by donating food at the following locations: FISH Ministry 700 S. Madison Avenue, Monroe, GA Phone: (770) 207-4357 (call for drop-off hours) Paradox Spay Neuter Clinic 1200 Industrial Park Way, Loganville, GA 30052 Phone: (770) 787-8717 Contact us to plan your own pet food drive or other donation information at wagwalton@yahoo.com.

Puppy Prevention Success

It’s been a busy year for the Puppy Prevention Program. A total of 108 puppies enrolled in the program since January. All have been spayed/neutered and gone onto new homes. Here are just a few of the moms who’ve been spayed, retired from puppy-rearing and will spend the rest of their lives being nothing more than loving family pets. Thanks to their caring owners for allowing WAG to help their moms and babies!