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The Mercy Fund

What is The Mercy Fund?

mercy1In 2009 a female German Shepherd was found wandering, injured, bloody and emaciated.

Her right hind leg was missing and only a stump of bone protruded.

She was frightened and probably in shock, but she was friendly to those trying to help her. We named her Mercy.

mercy2After being examined, the vet’s opinion was she mostly likely had been caught in a coyote-type trap for an undetermined amount of time.

In desperation she chewed off her own leg to escape. She was severely underweight and anemic from blood loss.

We’ll never know how long this poor girl suffered alone. But she was brave and never growled or acted anything but appreciative for the the help we offered.

We quickly raised funds so Mercy could have the remainder of her leg amputated. She went to live with a foster family where she regained strength slowly but steadily. Her determination was amazing.

Today Mercy is a beautiful, healthy girl enjoying life in her new home. It was a privilege helping her.

mercy3Our goal is to never have to turn down any injured or disabled dog due to lack of money. The Mercy Fund was started specifically to fundraise for dogs with serious medical needs.

Since it’s beginning, the fund has paid for amputations, heartworm treatments, oncology screening, eye removals, cardiac care and other procedures giving rescued dogs the chance at a new life.

To donate to The Mercy Fund, send a check payable to WAG to PO Box 169, Monroe, GA 30655. Or donate securely through Paypal using the link below (you don’t need a Paypal account to use the service).

Mercy thanks you!

A Success Story


belle1These are some scary pictures. This little girl has only experienced about 12 weeks of life and this is what it’s brought her.

A passer-by found her sitting in the middle of a country road. In his words, “almost as if she was saying ‘go ahead, run me over, please.'”

He pulled over, opened the car door and she gratefully crept toward him. A typical dog – trusting humans to make things better. So how could we not try and give her a brighter future?

She’s been named Belle – our own little version of Beauty and the Beast.

Belle3_nohairThis tiny girl of only 7 lbs. must be tough to have held out in the recent cold weather without a regular food source. She’s severely underweight and malnourished

We took her to Monroe Veterinary Clinic for a check-up, not knowing what problems might be uncovered other than the obvious case of mange.

Belle has the most serious case of demodex mange Dr. Jo Wellman has seen. Inflammation from a secondary skin infection has her skin bright pink and her lymph nodes extremely swollen.

She’s loaded with worms, covered with painful, crusty scabs and very dehydrated.

belle6But the good news is she’s alert, wags her tail and gives kisses.

Belle still sports wisps of brown and white hair so there’s a beautiful coat waiting to come out. We think a better life is just around the corner for this cutie.

Dr. Wellman sent us home with antibiotics, treatment for mange, prescription diet food, medicated shampoo, conditioner and other goodies.

Belle is tucked in a comfy bed with soft blankets, has a bellyful of warm food and is sleeping. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start!

belle5A big thank you to Jennifer and her husband for stopping and saving this baby and Stefanie for bringing her to our attention.

Belle will be fostered by Melanie, who does an awesome job of nursing our foster dogs back to health.

Get ready for the awesome “After” photos soon to come!