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    Over 1,000 animals rescued since our 2007 beginning

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Archives for January 2008

I’m back, pen in paw

There’s been a loud silence on this blog. Why? Because I was indisposed.<br /><br />Incapacitated.<br /><br />Incarcerated.<br /><br />Imprisoned.<br /><br />Or, as humans say, at the kennel.<br /><br />Our peeps left town and deliberately left us behind. Packed up the Pedigree and carted us off in the family van. And there we sat for <strong><em>DAYS…

Meet Elvis

Just thought you’d like to meet Elvis, another happy story. He is now called Otis and has a great family with two kids to love. Otis was being photographed for the Sunday Tribune pet photo when his soon-to-be owners spotted him and fell in love. <img id=”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5155957975109034034″ style=”DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; CURSOR: hand;…

A Rousing Start

WAG’s first meeting of 2008 was an enthusiastic one! Some new members came out and the committees are rolling along. The Adoption committee will start off-site adoptions in February at Boss Brothers in Loganville – exact dates will be announced later.<br /><br />The Spay/Neuter committee also has big plans for February, offering spay/neuter services to…

Flea Free – Thanks to Hoover

Got fleas? Get a vacuum.<br /><br />It seems that researchers at Ohio State University have determined that sucking fleas up a vacuum tube causes their demise, what matter what stage of growth they are in. This is good news for some, not much benefit for others.<br /><br />Don’t think it will be much help to…

So much to do, so little time.

This blogging thing is tough. Lots of folks do it every day, but that’s just too much for me to keep up with. My schedule is too busy.<br /><br />Take yesterday, for example. I got up, had my morning Mike Bone, went outside and patrolled the property fenceline. We’ve got 22 acres, so that took…

Happy New Year!<br /><br />Hope yours is going well so far. As for me, today I polished off some leftover sirloin and took a long nap in the sun. Seems 2008 is looking pretty good.<br /><br />Thought you’d like to see a few furry faces that found new homes during the holidays thanks to WAG…