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    We're Making a Difference!

    Over 1,000 animals rescued since our 2007 beginning

    Our pet food pantry has fed hundreds of local needy pets.

    Low-income spay/neuter subsidies to hundreds of Walton County families.

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Puppy Prevention Program

Spring is breeding season and puppies are soon to follow. Unfortunately, most will be from unplanned litters – the primary cause of pet overpopulation. Fix your critters – end the litters! But what happens when you already have a female dog that is pregnant or has a litter of puppies? Maybe WAG can help. WAG’s Puppy Prevention Program works with pet owners of mother dogs with litters by vaccinating the babies to keep them healthy, spay/neuter them when old enough, then adopt them into qualified homes. We then spay the mother dog to prevent further litters, all at no cost to the owner. Do you need help with a litter of puppies? If you’re ready to sign up for the program, fill out the online…

Sweet Sarah

A sad update to our story about Sarah. A day after her spay surgery she began to show some discomfort which worsened overnight. By the next morning she was in obvious pain and we rushed her to the vet. The diagnosis was a gastric torsion, an emergency condition where the stomach is distended by gas and twists on itself. Sarah began to fail fast. Bloodwork showed her kidneys were already shutting down. The difficult decision was made to free her from her pain and let her go. According to the vet, it’s possible Sarah also had some other underlying conditions that added to her quick downturn. Regardless, we were crushed at the turn of events. We wanted to give Sarah a long, happy life. Instead we’ll…

One More Chance to Help

Thanks to our wonderful donors, more than 240 animals were helped in 2015. As a small grassroots organization, Walton Animal Guild is fortunate to have the support of many community pet lovers. Because of your donations, many dogs and cats are in warm, loving homes this holiday season. We’re blessed to be able to help so many deserving pets and humbled by your faith in us. There’s still time to make that last tax-deductible gift for 2015 to help those animals who deserve a second chance. Animals like Petey, a cute Pomeranian mix WAG rescued just this week. Petey is a happy boy, but unfortunately tested positive for heartworms. He’ll spend the next few months in foster care while undergoing heartworm treatment, but will soon…

The Rescuer’s Club

Animal rescue is a daily affair. New animals come into the shelter each day. We visit the shelter to pick them up and take them for much-needed veterinary care and annual vaccines. Over the weeks or months they’re in foster care volunteers feed and socialize them, teach doggy or kitty manners and work to make them into great adoptable pets. Every month they’re given heartworm and flea preventive. WAG volunteers do the “dirty work” of cleaning cages and anything the animals might have left behind. We medicate them when they get sick, through short term issues like colds and diarrhea or serious illnesses requiring surgery. We drive them to meet transports taking them to new homes out-of-state, pack them up for weekend adoption events and…

Scooter’s Second Chance Friends

The sudden unexpected death of a pet is a heartbreak for any animal lover. When Pierre and Judy Kimball lost their beloved dog, Scooter, they were understandably devastated. Scooter was a frightened dog rescued from Floyd County that the Kimball’s took into their home to foster. He blossomed and soon became what the rescue community calls a “foster failure”. They loved him too much to let him go anywhere else. Scooter enjoyed life as one of their much loved pets and burrowed his way into their hearts. Sadly, the day after Christmas 2014, Scooter escaped from the fence of a home the Kimball’s were visiting. Lost in an unfamiliar area, Scooter couldn’t find his way back and was later found dead after being struck by…

Local Animal Friends and Supporters

Looking for pet-related services or animal-friendly businesses in the Walton County area? Visit www.waltonpets.com, WAG’s resource center for everything animal in the Walton County and surrounding areas! All the business listed are proven animal lovers and supporters of WAG, and have joined our efforts to make our community a better place for animals. If you know a business that would like to be included in these annual listings, send us an email at wagwalton@yahoo.com.

What About Bob?

He may have been passed over by other rescues in the shelter, but Bob is special to us – and not only for his absolutely adorable underbite. He’s the 200th dog to come through WAG’s rescue/adoption program in 2015! Bob is very representative of what we believe is important in rescue. He’s not adorably furry, flashy or the type of dog to have scores of adopters/rescues fighting to get him out of the shelter. He comes in a plain brown wrapper, is quiet, low-key and not overly demonstrative. But he’s such an amazingly sweet, friendly dog who deserves a long, happy life in a loving family. And that’s why we picked him. He’s got a new name  to go with his fresh start – Popeye…

Looking for Pet-Loving Advertisers!

BUSINESS OWNERS  – WANT TO BE EASILY SPOTTED BY POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS? PUT YOUR COMPANY IN FRONT OF THE PET-LOVING PUBLIC WITH WAG’S 2016 PET CALENDAR!   There are still some advertising opportunities left in WAG’s 2016 Pet Calendar, but they’re going fast. Calendars will be on sale throughout the fall and winter – proud pet parents stock up on them for holiday gifts.  For only $30 your business or service message will be seen by local audiences – plus, your support of local community issues will be obvious to everyone. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to gain visibility for your business! Ask about discounts for 6 month and 12 month advertising! And as a bonus, your business contact information will be listed on our resource…

A Promise to Parker

When the family was evicted from the house, they packed up what was important. Clothes, furniture, books, dishes and whatever else they could cram in the car were taken away to their new home. But not Parker. This sweet boy and his sibling were left behind with the trash, expected to fend for themselves. No food, no water, and no shelter. Only six months old and already abandoned by humans. The two dogs eventually landed in a crowded shelter with no guarantee of life beyond the three-day hold period. His brother was finally adopted, but no one saw the promise of love in Parker’s eyes. Their loss. Fortunately someone offered to foster Parker, so this amazing boy has become our latest WAG rescue dog. Foster homes…

A Fresh Face

WAG has a fresh new look! We’re excited to unveil our newly redesigned website. Not only is it bright and eye-catching, it’s user friendly and consolidates all our previously-scattered information outlets ; blogs, website, social media, and puts them together in an easy-to-navigate uncluttered design. You can check out our latest information, read stories of rescued pets, learn about our programs, sign up for email newsletters, and learn all about WAG in one spot. So visit www.wagwalton.com to take a peek and check back often for updates!  

Featured Dog

Holly is a great girl, but has so far gone unnoticed. Is it the white hairs around her muzzle that give her that “mature” look? Or is it because she’s not as flashy as other dogs? Not sure, but we see the magic behind the photos. Holly is a happy girl, about 45 lbs and 6+ years old. She’s also an awesome companion. She’s being fostered on a farm and enjoys following us while we do chores, usually riding in the golf cart or running behind. Holly loves going for rides in the car and would be happy to spend the day with you. She’s housetrained and crate-trained, but wouldn’t mind sleeping in your bed! Holly has good manners and does well in the house….

Looking For Adorable Furry Faces

See Your Pets Furry Face in WAG’s 2016 Community Pet Calendar! If your pet is “awww” inspiring share his or her cuteness with the world! WAG is accepting entries for our 2016 Community Pet Calendar from July 15 through August 31, 2015 Your $20 entry donation helps homeless pets and guarantees your pets photo will be included in the calendar, either featured prominently or included in a collage of adorable pets. So hunt up your best pics and send them in!!   Contest Rules Photographs must be of animals only. Pictures must be of your own pet(s). All entries must be in color and contain well-focused images. WAG reserves the right to request substitute photo if image is deemed not suitable for enlargement. Photos can be…

Puppy Prevention Success

It’s been a busy year for the Puppy Prevention Program. A total of 108 puppies enrolled in the program since January. All have been spayed/neutered and gone onto new homes. Here are just a few of the moms who’ve been spayed, retired from puppy-rearing and will spend the rest of their lives being nothing more than loving family pets. Thanks to their caring owners for allowing WAG to help their moms and babies!

Community Support

We’d like to thank the Walton County Foundation for once again supporting Walton Animal Guild’s Spay Neuter Assistance Program. WAG received a grant in the amount of $2,500 toward our 2015 SNAP programs, which will go a long way toward helping more low-income pet owners in the community. We’re very grateful for the Foundation’s continuing confidence in our organization.  

Thanks to our WAG friends!

We’re immensely grateful for the support of these February WAG donors: Teresa Gray, Susan and Jerry Engelbrecht, Joanna and Robert Emmons, Patricia and John Hybarger, Georgeanne Ferguson, Pierre and Samantha Kimball, the Walton County Foundation, Judy and Michael Day, Joseph and Theresa Entrekin, Gay and Joy Vencill, Rene and Tully Youngblood, Teddy and Lee Udell, Brandon Kendrick, Liz Stoehr and Calvin Thomas, Angela Jones, Cynthia McClintock, Sandy Jones, Carol Collins, Alice O’Neal, Retha Meier, Wendolyn Chupp, Suzanne Isacson, James Nelson, Helen Brooks, Leah Smith, Catherine Swanson, Stephanie Kennedy, Brian Ottaviano, Brandon Thesenvitz, Mona Manus, Randi Short, Carla Keaton, and Donnie Glow. Thank you for playing a part in saving furry lives through WAG!

Honoring Lynda Deighton

We just learned of the passing of a very kind person, wonderful pet lover and WAG supporter – Lynda Deighton. Lynda and her husband Alan own and operated New London School of Driving in Snellville. Linda passed away on February 22. To honor her love of animals, her family thoughtfully designated WAG as the recipient of memorial donations for Lynda. We’re grateful for their kindness during this time of loss. Our condolences go out to the Deighton family

Shop Kroger for WAG

Attention Kroger Shoppers – Help Animals on Aisle 4! And Aisle 5, 6, 7,…! Did you know your grocery shopping can help homeless pets? Sign up for a Kroger Plus Card card, use for card for grocery savings and designate Walton Animal Guild as your charity of choice through the Community Rewards program. Quick, simple and helps pets all year long! For more info visit https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards

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